The interdisciplinary, practice-oriented training at the IACC Academy in Salzburg is the best foundation for effective solutions in colour design/material planning for architecture and interior design, as well as product development and marketing.

IACC colour designers understand how to develop effective and sustainable colour designs/material designs with sound specialist knowledge of colour.

Where is colour design used?

Colour concepts for architecture:

  • Workplaces: office, commercial workplace, industrial manufacturing
  • Educational facilities: kindergarten, school, seminar room, sports facility
  • Café, restaurant, salesroom
  • Hotel, wellness facility
  • Church
  • Public buildings, housing estate, urban design
  • Retirement home, nursing home
  • Therapeutic facilities: Medical practice, outpatient clinic, hospital, hospice
  • Room, flat, house, interior design, facade design
  • Lighting planning, lighting concept, lighting design

Colour concepts for visual communication:

  • Corporate identity
  • Corporate design
  • Graphic design
  • Industrial design
  • etc.