Providing comprehensive knowledge about the medium of colour forms the core of colour education at the IACC Academy. This ranges from successful colour designs for architectural projects to colour psychology and colour in marketing.

As an architect or interior designer, you mainly deal with colour theory during your studies. With the training to become an IACC Colour Consultant/ Designer, you will gain sound and practical knowledge for dealing with the most diverse design and planning tasks.

In four seminars, you will be trained in the functional and aesthetic application of colour and learn about its effect on people.

Seminars 1 through 4 take place consecutively at six-month intervals at the University of Salzburg and each course lasts six to seven days.

During this period you will learn to use colour skilfully and efficiently in a practical way in order to create user-friendly environments for every field of application.

Colour theory, neuropsychology, applied colour psychology, the physiological and psychosomatic effects of colour, light and material science are taught and intensified by various assignments.